I love to help people. It may just be my own personal sickness, becasue if i know there's something deeply wrong with you, i cant be happy no matter how hard i try until ive helped you in some way. how do i change this so it's not so intense?

breakingbrooke breakingbrooke
13-15, F
1 Response Mar 11, 2010

I think you should try not to absorb so much, it can be destructive. Firstly love yourself, you can try to heal others, you can try to heal the world, but what about you? what about your life, health, work, family, friends, mind? You have to have your own personal sense of peace. Try not to be so hooked on solving other woes. Try to find something else to occupy your caring nature, perhaps something artistic or something that pays you for your caring. Love and peace to you this day. Chezovitch UK