Listening Is Caring

I am an introvert and I've always been shy. I love to just watch and listen to people. I find out so many things about a person just by listening to them. I think many people would be surprised how much I notice about them. In a world full of extroverts it seems like it's getting more and more difficult for people to care. I really think the key is to just stop running your mouth for a while about yourself or what you assume to be true about others... and to just listen and watch people for a while. I've heard many people say I'm a caring person; I believe it's because I do listen.
Christabel Christabel
18-21, F
1 Response Jul 24, 2007

yep. i sometimes think of myself as a sponge. and its not that i dont have anything to say, its just i like to hear the different sides. so in the end all of their sides inform my own views. it can get very confusing, but it such as hell feeds my curiousity bean