Sand Paintings

I have a beautiful sand painting of a blue butterfly with native american symbols of animals here and there on it. It wasn't expensive as far as paintings generally go, but it was still quite a bit for me. I would look at it week after week in its locked case looking at the amount of work it must've taken to put it together, and the creative quality of it. How do people make sand look like an intricately crafted blue butterfly?
I appreciate looking at art all the more for the times I have attempted it. I didn't always fail, but it also didn't come naturally. How a simple line can make the impression of being something so much more than that astonishes me. It is wonderful!
The blue butterfly is in my house now. I looked up sand paintings and found out that they were a part of Indian and native american ceremonies. They would be pieced together by spiritual people, then broken soon after. There was a day no one was able to say they had one.
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1 Response Jan 15, 2013

We seem to share much the same love of art, but difficulty in bringing it to life ourselves. Both my mother and grandmother were talented painters, but alas it did not pass down to me. Like you; I think that may help me appreciate the skill of those that can make it seem so real.
Thank You for sharing your thoughts.