I have had issues where I was so overwhelmed I wanted to cry. As I would spill out my problems to a friend 22 yrs. older than me, he would start to laugh.
I got it.
He had already been through what I had been through. He saw what I was going through as a short lived issue that life deals to all people. Now when I discuss something with him, I tell it to him like its a story; a funny one at that. Just as funny as it was to read in Born Running. Was it just funny looking back on the adventure? Or did the runners figure out at some point that we can look at life with a sense of humor to some degree even in the present. So my story doesn't have to do with running through deserts, meeting with hidden tribes, or running barefeet. Just about the hilarious tid bits of humor I find in the good and bad of my life and other real stories. I wanted to share this to share my love for taking out the precious from the vile; of looking at the humor in life.
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It's so refreshing to read this,you seek out the good in all you see.I am pleased for you that you have a good friend to share your thoughts and laughter with.
Peace. :-)