Coffee Shop Encounter

I stop at he same coffee shop 4 days a week near the same time every morning. Several weeks ago a a very intriguing woman was leaving with her coffee as I was entering. Relatively tall, reddish brown hair, hip huggers, bare midriff top, well accessorized, going towards a BMW convertible. Not 20s or 30s. Not bony at the belt line of her jeans. WOW!

Several days later at the same shop there was a woman standing in front, in a pose I had never noticed before. This time I was ready with my video camera and was able to capture a brief clip of this very unusual site. Turns out to be the same woman from several days earlier.


Since then I have seen this pose done by 2 other women. Everyone a beauty. This pose is not natural. It has to be learned.

I know carry a small picture of this woman, wanting to give it her in appreciation for the magical moment she left behind.

aluminuzer aluminuzer
Jul 25, 2010