Sure Why Not? I Am Single Afterall

yeah, its hard not to look at them because i have seen women showing a bit more than the usual fare, but what can i do. i inherited the staring gene which has passed on from my family line. this staring gene involves big eyes projecting at a physically attractive passer by. but hey, thei might be attractive, but their personality makes them ugly, so sometimes i just like to stare at them to **** them off. i dont stare and gawk at women who have the decency to dress properly and dress with utmost modesty, i respect those women. but for those who wear little cuttofs and stuff, until you learn to wear some decent clothes, beware of the staring eyes of millions of single,horny, and shallow guys. peace out to all.........
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6 Responses Aug 4, 2010

@joerio hahahaha and if god really existed and if praying really worked, then maybe this world would be a better place right. maybe if god existed there wouldnt be any rape, murder, lying, cheating, stealing, prejudice and terrorism and war. i used to pray for that stuff to go away, and did did jack ****, because praying is full of ****, it doesnt do anything. like the other day when i went snowboarding just before i attempted to go downhill, i prayed not to fall while i am going down the snowy hill only to find i fell over straight away after a few meters of going downhill anyway, so, praying wont do anything and i look at these girls and put my eyes all over them because thats the idea of their little revealing outfit. in other words, they wear it, they bear it. and to the girls who are modest and dont wear little clothes like that, i have a high altitude of respect for them.

@leodisciple haha thanks for the song add, i'll have to give it a listen.

The word of God warns against lusting after a woman, why not pray for grace to overcome youthful lust.

@whissky hahaha no way man, thats the other side of the spectrum, i am not looking at people who spawn little terrorists by the hour, i am not a fan of female ninjas who look like garbage bags

@SJLuxon haha yeah, but not all of them do, i was told by some ***** i work with at work that looking at some women make them feel uncomfortable, but i cannot give a crap, because i dont really like women, if they are gonna wear some revealing outfit, then i will help myself in taking in the view. basically they wear it, they bear it.

who doesn't?<br />
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the fact that they let us is what makes them the fairer sex