Turning Someone On

One of my ex girlfriends and I use to enjoy turning others on as they would see us in various ways and various places as we made love. We use to get each other off in booths in bars, under the table cloth in crowded restaurants, in cars, in movie theatres, and everywhere in the house, among other places. Once we were in my living room sitting next to each other on the couch with a woman friend sitting in a comfy chair facing us with the fire going in the fireplace late one evening just relaxing and chatting having a couple drinks. My girlfriend was resting her hand on my lap and started spontaneously to massage my jeans gently and my **** immediately started to bulge and pulse. Nothing was said to interrupt the conversation for a short while but she started to become more focused on stroking me through my jeans and the woman friend was staring with a look of not-so-hidden lust growing on her face. My Girlfriend was dressed in a short skirt and, as usual, wearing no panties. I reached over and touched her by then dripping ***** and she moaned aloud. Our friend just stared breathing ever harder and audibly. And we just let ourselves go freely where it decided to. She unzipped my pants and began to stroke my now throbbing **** as *********** her soaking ***** as she started to go down on me. I was watching the face of our friend as she was clearly lost in lust very aroused and she lifted her skirt and started ************ watching us. My girlfriend was very loud and moaned and quivered as she sucked harder, she two watching our friend a few feet away stroking her **** harder and faster as she stared at us. All three of us were in throes of erotic abandon and enjoying the whole scene when my girlfriend came. She would gush *** and *** many times which turned everyone on. And our friend started moaning and thrusting and came several times when my girlfriend made me explode in her mouth pulling out as she watched it shoot out of my ****. All three of us exhausted and loved the whole spontaneous scene--never having said a word until we had finished. Everyone smiling. No awkwardness. It was a moment of true erotic freedom, letting our minds take our bodies wherever it led us. We all enjoyed both watching and being watched as others let themselves free from the restrictions of 'forbidden' lust
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It's great to know that my fantasy actually is possible, now all I have to do is a lot<br />
I did really like this story, the probability of this happening to me is like 1% <br />
I hope you hang onto this moment for ever, and consider yourself lucky, people out there will die die without sexual human contact at all.<br />
<br />
I salute you man

this is one of my fantasies

It is a memory I still fantasise about. Alot....

My two nest friends are guys that I went to college with, we very often pass a couple of hours just stroking, licking, sucking and *******, sometimes one of the guys will act as a voyeur, but I like it best when we all become a set of tangled limbs and genitals.

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ImMyOwnWoman is dead on. Inhibitions do tend to get in the way in many cases... sometimes that can be a good thing. Sometimes not. <br />
And she is also dead right that it is a HOTT story. I guess the only thing that could have made it hotter would be that the three of you went off to the shower and washed each others bodies... but that may be the part of the story you left to all our imaginations... and by design. <br />
Your closing sentence was a fitting epilogue.

If only we could all be free and open to share..... <br />
<br />
A HOTT story babe.... and even better memory I know!