Why Such A Ignorance?

I THOUGHT E P is place of nice,decent people, but one person attacked me with a ignorant words,with out know about me,calling me ignorant and lonely. what a shame for that girl, surly she must be an ignorant person,do not know to respect others,
Any way I forgive her,because God says In Quran,you got the right to take revenge but its good to forgive them. If we expect God shall forgive our sins and show mercy.
I am hurt badly I am decent and loves all.,no discrimination what so ever,I feel we belong to one dad and mam,Adam and eve PBUH).
basy basy
56-60, M
2 Responses Mar 31, 2012

Thanks,any way people behave according to there nature,<br />
I f we can not talk nicely at least we shut our mouth. we are here to share love with people to feel at home, not for disgrace . No problem here mostly are nice brotherly sisterly people.<br />
I can not leave goods for bad

We have been attacked a few times on here but the nice comments from nice people out way the nasty ones.