yea i do i love the way a women looks with my boxers on or boxer briefs thAT  kind of syuff or when their jeans are cut real low or when they are nude thats always nice

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I always try to imagine what every woman that I come across in the public would look like naked.

I'll pass on the boxers or briefs, as in my opinion, guy's clothes don't look feminine on the female form or they don't do anything for me, as they don't accent the curves of the human female torso. But... along that line.... if she is going to wear any underwear at all, there is nothing more feminine than a pair of bikini panties, especially if they are string. However... I'm with you completely on the jeans issue (low cut is always nice and I'll throw in tight slacks and jodhpurs to that example) and especially if she is nude. Well stated there.

love to see he camel toe through the jeans

We love looking at men :)

Very cheeki...