Beauty, Beauty Everywhere I Look

I confess. I ogle.

I love regarding women of all ages, how they dress, how they walk, how they wear jeans, how they do their hair and makeup.

I love the way they study items in a store, or select an item off the menu.

The greatest thing is that they are everywhere. In shopping malls, at sporting events, everywhere I look.

It's an appreciation more than a feeling of lust. It is drinking in the beauty that is women.
rickie53 rickie53
46-50, M
1 Response Jan 12, 2013

I think everyone looks. I've recently heard a man talk about himself disparagingly, and I suppose it took me off guard. I think some women have this notion, me, that men don't worry about the sort of superficial things women are concerned with. We think men are far more confident with growing old and the changes that come. I was recently disabused of this notion.

So, for the men, women appreciate you too! I think there is something very attractive about men and aging man. They seem far more confident, patient. I've noticed this ... bemused look, as if they are quietly humoring the world around them.