Yes, Lustfully!

I have enjoyed looking at other girls and women since I was a teenager.  Other girls turned me on even when I denied I had those feelings and attractions.  I would insist I was straight and that I loved men, but my eyes followed every woman's body as she walked by.  I love the way our butts move when we walk, I love to see a woman's boobs bounce, I love watching her hair sway in the breeze, I love to see her smile.  Oh am I a pushover for my lover's smile... she can melt me down to a puddle... (ahem!).

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I find women's blobby bodies quite grotesque, men's harder more muscular bodies are nice. Of course there comes a time when you wonder what looks sexy to a man, and its obvious which sorts of women's bodies are, but I think some women are a bit confused. You don't like the body, you like seeing men turned on. There's also something known as emotional masochism (probably more common in women I'd imagine) where people get horny from watching their partners getting off with other people. I think a lot of forms of sexual deviance are stronger turn ons than "ordinary" sex. A lot of people have problems in that area, some serious ones too.

I'm not personally one for being overtly sexual, so it probably was a "strange" thing for me to even comment on.

I am still at school and yes it happens so much<br />
In this regard sport is my obvious favorite<br />
<br />
But yeah, I would study the female body 24/7 if I could

My firm belief ! Every human being have this tendency of bi-sexuality at some point of time in his/her life. Some only like/wish but some go ahead with their feelings and enjoy sex in their life; as per their desires.<br />
Actually society brings up every one to be straight only. Bi feelings grow from your inner dreams. Now is the time to break the taboo.

To all the hot female who love to watch other female !<br />
You must experience the joy of touching,kissing & cuddling with another female body. If you have that feeling of watching beautiful bodies,butt & boobs etc. that mean you you are burrying your inner desires. Just go ahead and enjoy your life in a new way. Who says that you can not enjoy sex with both the sexes.

I always enjoyed seeing girls , women .I do try to see women' s boobs ,butts,and ***.It started when I was in 7th standard,

I have to agree fully, i am a Married female with kids but I still enjoy looking at other women. Thuis feeling goes deeper as I do get turned on engough to take it out on my husband and I love putting him into situations asking him if her Butt is sexy or that one's smile...I love teasing him like that and then brushing over his pnts while in public just to see if I get his mind on you know what...<br />
<br />
I would gladly have a gril join me and him but i have no clue how to suggest that...<br />
<br />
BTW girl in bikini's on a beach with that coconut oil smell drive me instane!

haha i agree but i think there is something about that is just lustfully heaven to even the ones most unlike not to see it.

I with you agree, there is no not that more perfectly than to observe of that as very beautiful girl with a fine figure takes off from itself clothes before you, girls you the miracle as always is simple...

Love looking at other women, love kissing them too. Very erotic! Tried swinging the other way but have to say I prefer being with a man when it comes down to it.

its common yaar....<br />
<br />
womens are soo Beatiful in this world...

My god that that story is so hot...

Women are by far the fairer sex. Men are warriors and heros, so they are a little threatening. But women are nurturers, so they are soft and warm and cuddly. It's not hard to figure out why women find other women attractive and easy to like. Besides that, women are more adept at meeting other women's emotional needs than men are.<br />
<br />
My wife was, at least according to her behavior all her life, about as hetero as could be. But she confessed that she had very erotic dreams of sharing another women with me, including inimate touching between herself and the other woman. Would she have agreed to having another woman play with us? Never! But she often dreamt of it.<br />
<br />
Women's magazines feature semi dressed, and bikini dressed women more blatantly than men's magazines. Advertising to both men and women, feature images of women to sell the product.<br />
<br />
So I find that women are usually attracted to other women and their beauty. You gotta love 'em!

this is what i want to hear.....

I know for sure that men really do it for me and I love the masculinity. The thought of having a best girl friend that is discreet and would enjoy having some mutual pleasuring would be interesting.

exactly what I would like to find!


I am a bisexual female, and I have always enjoyed looking at women. They are so beautiful, their shapes, their breasts, their butts. I get so turned on by women! And my husband thinks it's cool : )

Thank you, kind sir.

I love women too, they are so soft and sensual. But, I love men more. I can see two women together, but not two men.

I admit it couldnt agree more ! I Love watching women.I Love everything about them..

I think there are more of us than admit it!

I'm glad someone else is the same way! I keep trying to deny it but I can't help it..

Ladies are beautiful. i learn so much watching them. Thank you ladies, one and all.