Ohh the Curves

Is there anything more perfect in the known world than the curves of a woman?

Every geometric shape can be attributed to the shape of a woman.

They are strong, built and confident.  More of the thing that makes men (with a pulse) go from lazy slacker to upright gentlemen. (So to speak)

Oh how the world would be empty of color and life if it wasn't for women who are the givers of such presents.



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I'm sure GlamorGirl that your well rounded behind makes many a man turn and walk into a wall somewhere....<br />
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Kara honey, you are very desirable....<br />
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Pix babe... You know where I stand on you... Or under you as the case maybe....

A beautiful woman is God's greatest creation. I love seeing the physical beauty of a....female. But a woman's beauty transcends her physical appearance. Her mind, her emotions, her enigmatic nature, all add to the lure of a beautiful woman. The way she walks, flirts, dresses, are so delicious. I love it when one has the confidence to talk dirty.....no.... sexy. I can't seem to get enough of them, and yes, Kara is very much desirable.

Yes you are very lovely..... *grins* *wink*

YES!!!! Women are quite lovely!!!!!!! :-)

very wonderful curves of kara

Thanks CJ. Hope you have a great day also.

Great job on this story. Excellent thoughts. And HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!!!!!!!

Thanks all for the comments, I would rather spend the day looking at the curves of a woman and drink her all in.

Well stated mtvlm! I couldn't agree more.

I am torn when I try to think about what is best about a beautiful women. Is it her eyes that draw me in and make me want to fall down into her, allow her to conguer yet protect me, allow her to enthrall yet make a full of me? ? Is it her breasts that so fascinate me and make me dream of waking up between them on the snowiest morning when I decide to stay warm under quilt with them protecting me like earmuffs? Is it her butt, that amazing femthing that wags so beseachingly, that most magically hypnotizing femthing that makes me follow her even if she is a stranger at the market? Or is it perhaps the promise of her safe and incredibly delectable womb, that ultimate prize that keeps me torn and asking myself which would I rather do... enter her or just taste her endlessly? Which? Beautiful women have it all, and truth be told, in a better world I would be able to make love to each and every one, or die trying!

Hardness supports the softness of a woman.<br />
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Both are complement to each other.

Yes I know what Mathew does for you my dear, ;))))<br />
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It is just women have such better looking features, the soft face the penetrating eyes, full lips, their scent, softness of the skin............................................................<br />
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What was I saying??

I don't know about that...but Mathew blows my mind...and a lot of non celebs too!

M I would agree with that comment. Thumbs up...

Women are better looking than us guys.

I agee with Kara...we could say that about men too...Yum.

Love to see your beautifull shape and the pink nipples like cherry.Love to roll my tongue around it and whereever you want.

Oh do I ever agree!! I love Kara's curves!!

I know she is very HOT! She along with a few others is the inspiration for stories like these.

Thank you. To be inspired by you and to be able to be noticed by you is a real compliment.

It is so hard to argue with the truth.