What Isn't There to Like?

From the color of her hair to form of her ears, to the nape of her neck, the look of her eyes, the silk of her skin, the strength of her arms, the curve of her breasts, the firm of her stomach, the firm cushion of her *** down to the apple or heart shape along the bottom, the view from behind to see the treasure through the upside down hills.

The muscles in her thighs, slenderness of her legs, the form of her feet, the paint on her toes, her nails as the slide gently across my chest, the sound of her voice to which the call must be answered.

Oh what isn't there to love about looking at a woman?

mtvlm mtvlm
41-45, M
1 Response Feb 12, 2009

Me too! Role models. And some Roles not to do.