Easy On the Eyes

I can't reason  any one not wanting to look at women, that doesn't mean I want to peek in their windows at night. I'm just a man who finds the other sex pleasing to gaze upon and I prefer female company to males. Quite a few of the gals I know can hunt and fish, ride bikes, play ball and perform most sports. And of course there is "that" other option, you know. If it's raining, well...your a girl and I'm a guy and it's to wet to plow

zeak zeak
61-65, M
3 Responses Feb 24, 2009

Let's keep this simple, girls are fun, if ya don't lie to "em. Let her know where you are coming from up front. Don't tell 'em your looking for a long term, if ya ain't. There are girls out there that feel the same way. Most of'em are smarter than you are so quit being clever and enjoy.

hell yeah got my vote!

Makes sense to me.