Women and Night Dreams

I guess here is the right place to start.  I had the most wonderful dream a man could ever have. This is true fact.  I was asleep about a week ago, and in my dreams, it usually involves somthing I have done.  I was asleep and I dreamed that I looked up and a very beautiful woman was standing over me with absolutely no clothes on her body, It was the most Beautiful site one could ever want , and for wemon seeing a man over her in the same way,  this  is just a dream, and the person is the real macoy.  You see I did have this woman standing over me , but in my dream, she started to pee on me , and this has always been a strong dream of mine, to have a woman drinch me in HER pee while I watched it come out of her lady hood.  The woman in my dream is the one that stood over me and peed and I LOVED it. Her Name is Rheba Mackentire, Such a Beautiful Red Head.   OH Baby! Oh Baby !

hotoneneedslove hotoneneedslove
Mar 4, 2009