I'm Getting Worse With Age!

I have always loved watching women and there have always been certain things that grab the attention of my gaze but it's getting worse.

Now don't start thinging that i'm some lecherous hound that stares at a womans **** rather than looking into her eyes, or wolf whistles tarts in short skirts as i drive past, coz i don't, ever, period.

And don't think that i'm checking out other women while i'm out with my partner. While she's there she grabs my attention more than anything else. sometimes she points out a "sexy lady" walking past and asks if i'd prefer her. but i genuinly havn't noticed.

The biggest problem seems to be while i'm driving, and i do quite a bit of driving. I havn't had an accident yet because of it but i fear it won't be long. the other day there was a woman with a deliciously large arse walking down the path beside the road. her blond hair was up in a pony tail that was swishing from side to side with every step. She was wearing blue jeans that were a little too tight, a white top that was a little too short and high heeled knee high boots. She was swaying her hips like a plus size catwalk model and her love handles were jiggling like a full pair of breasts.


Excuse me a minute!

Yeah, right, ok, where was I? Oh yeah, getting distracted.

Well a simalar thing happened then, and  i was driving a van at the time. unknowingly to me my foot had come off the gas and i was drifting across the road. I don't know how long this took coz my mind was totally distracted but i came to with a jolt almost like when you nearly fall asleep behind the wheel.

I don't meen to do it, it's just like my brain switches over to, mmmmmm, jiggly!

Heellover Heellover
36-40, M
Mar 15, 2009