Especially ...

Beautiful women ... Ahh Cant take my eyes off 'em !

PinkZlollipopZ PinkZlollipopZ
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Like you !

Yeah, they are breathtaking ...

i like to look at woman to .

oh thank you so much !

i agreed........just like your are so damn hot.......

lol is that a sign implies that you are a closet lesbian?

yeah... I love woman too, their legs, and bodyshape are make me go crazy.., when a beautiful woman walk down through me, I think I look at her longer than my boyfriend does.

Thats why I love them ;-)

Beautiful womwn,you drive me crazy :} LMXO

No, I look into their souls if I wanna start the relations.

Hi so are you just attracted to their beauty or is there underlying issues of being a lesbian here.<br />
Do you only look at the really beautiful ones or all women

Absolutely Agree !

when i see a beautiful woman walk in2 a bar club etc im literally fallin over them..i few times iv actually said 'omg u r so pretty 2 them'<br />
even if its jus 1 feature of them that stands out...i could watch all day! :-) xx

Exactly :)