Only At Home Or For Parties

we all got together and made finger food sandwiches and pinwheel sandwiches on tier plates for my sisters shower tea...

I made up cucumber sandwiches, cheese and onion, turkey and cranberry or ham etc lettuce tomato and cheese....with the help of my mum, my sister, and her to be mother-inlaw judy... it actually turned out nice (for a change) ... we bought cheese cakes and cakes and other nibbles

cups of tea ... it was a nice ladies kind of thing

we did similar at my brothers wedding... they got ready and we all pitched in to do the food

it kind of made the occasion special in that most of the wedding party and the immediate family got in to help

it was a hive of activity ... someone making the bridal bouquets in one corner, someone making sandwiches in another ....

everyone was busy til the guests came.
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I would have liked to been a banquet manager or events manager in a plush 5 star hotel ... (oh well in my dreams! too many grumpy people to please).