Making And Feeling A Connection With Strangers/acquaintances.

I always feel like I want to make a connection with somebody. I like those conversations where they get so deep, you realize you feel comfortable talking with this person that in reality you hardly know, but you feel as though you've known them for ages. I find myself trying very hard to make connections with random people in almost any social setting.
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whats up , new yorker here

Hey new yorker! I live in ny state myself, but upstate. :)

I find it interesting that often times we all have a little something in common

Me too! And for some reason I get so excited too when I hear that we have the same hobby or something. I get all like; "Oh my gosh! No way! You too?!?!".

I love making connections with people too. I think I'm a curious person by nature and people just interest me. I'm sure you're a very warm person and people enjoy that about you so connections will be easy.

And sometimes talking isn't even needed in 'making a connection'. true! That's when the connection is at it's highest...that's the really, really good stuff. If you find that...LOCK ON.