I Did, When I Was a Kid, I Used to Be So Cruel

I was turned into a really horrible kid. I was cruel, because that's how the world was when I was a kid.

So I used to try to make myself feel better by making other people feel bad.

I would stare at the kid when his/her parents weren't looking, and make him/her cry.

The parents would then be confused and worried about why their child was distressed.

I don't think I did this again after i was about twelve.

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6 Responses Mar 12, 2009

Oh you would hate me then. :/

I have heard that line soo many times.. =( I have no doubt at all that that is the only place your messed-up behaviour came from. It's all him, not you. *hugs*

When I was about 9 I pinched my cousin, for no reason, but she hit me back, which suprised me,:-}

Oh, Sh!t!! *lol* Well I got "suspended" for smoking pot in school hours, got away with it for years though.

OMG!! talk about your misplaced anger...I snuck into a girls locker and..well i don't think i can legally tell you what i put in there..but, she got expelled and i no longer had to deal with her bullying me around, <br />
ps--karma bites the next year I got caught with the same drug and got expelled!!

once I punched a girl in the eye for no reason