Shemale *********

Shemales without question are some of the most erotic creations in this world. If you are a straight man, you have the option of staying that way with the ****, mouth, and ***. But if you want to experiment, the **** is right there. And if y ou are a woman, you have grand notion of having a man who knows how to handle another woman the right way.

One of my many fantasies this that I have always want to indulge in a *********. I enjoy watching ****** where a woman is satisifed by two men and vice versa. It is the idea of having multiple stimulations at once from two separate sources is what makes this all so seductive to try. But after discovering my bi-sexuality; i have begun to fantasize more about myself with two shemales.

The image of having two ***** hovering in my face as I rest on my knees or back is jsut amazing to fantasize too. Holding and ******** one as I suck on the other, then trying to fit both of them in my mouth at the same time. Or the feeling of having one shemale's ***** in my mouth as the other penetrates my *** while I am on all fours. Or the thought of riding one's shaft while the other stands over me as I suck her off. Then having both of them blow their thick and creamy loads into my mouth. I cannot help but get aroused.

Taboo is so hot.

Quest75 Quest75 31-35, M 3 Responses Apr 4, 2010

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I have the same fantasy and for the same reasons...the sensuality of a women but with the bonus of a **** if you want to try that. I'd love to try something like this with my wife but I know it will never happen.

That visual image is just what I was hoping to find.....two at a time would be perfect.

<b>what's "taboo" about that?</b><br />
i have had many 3-somes, some with one woman, but never two shemales.<br />
if done right, they are really erotic.<br />
<b>hope you fulfill your dream!</b>