Corrupt World With Its People


My name is Susan living in South Africa, I am a pretty cool person with a good heart, I had 2 close friends of mine who betrayed me although being so good to them , had a couple of bad relationship with guys , my problem in my life right now , I am wandering why re good people are always geeting the short end of the stick??? I am caring , loyal , faithful, ok I am also a straight talker but I just attract all the wrong people in my life , and the weird part of it I realise that people dont really care , they are all 100% in their life alone . you cant trust them may it be your family , friends, lover or boss. People pretend to be your friend !!! What sick people treat people anyway they want. They dont even care, there is no one that is TRUE HEARTED. Dont get me wrong I am not asking if there are perfect people out there, I need to know where re the good people now , sumone who we can trust , sumone is who not talking behind your back.

Where re the good people that we can trust , SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME CAUSE I AM LOST!!!

Suria123 Suria123
1 Response Jul 12, 2010

Girl if you add 1 or 10 to your age how many is it? Maybe you have a pretending character that makes them to run, then change a bit and you will see result.