I Love Making New Friends...for The Most Part.

I'll start out by saying, I don't get along with girls. This has been an honest truth since I was a kid. I've have 1 really good girl friend since I was in kindergarden and were still good friends to this day. The rest of my friends are males. So when meeting new friends I typically look forward to meeting new guy friends. All my friends are guys and I like it that way. I don't have to deal with the drama and gossip. I don't care to talk about people and usually don't care what other people are doing. I wish other girls didn't ether, because then I could be friends with them. There's nothing more that I hate than a girl who wines all the time, it drives me nuts. I love the simplicity of males. After growing up with mainly guy friends. I've grown to see that girls hate on them acting like they are awful and perverted and not trust worthy. ect and really they aren't any better. I sometimes think they are worse. I'd rather my man be perverted than them be manipulative, abusive and just complete *******. I've never seen so many double standards with girls in my life. Guys never have those. Men have hormones and you need to give them sex, if you don't give them sex then they are probably going to grow bored in the relationship and search for excitement, because the males heart is wild and is full of adventure, what else do you expect?

Rant. at and end.
ashlynnx ashlynnx
26-30, F
Jul 12, 2010