I love to post something that makes people laugh or amuses them. I find funny things sometimes on the internet, and just have to share them!

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3 Responses Feb 23, 2010

I was kept awake nearly all night by, what sounded like someone calling the name Mark.<br />
In the morning, my neighbour tod me that it was a dog a few doors away, with a 'Harelip'.<br />
<br />
When walking through an Army camp with my 'forces friend', we were passed by a soldier wearing trainer bottoms and a 'T' shirt. On the back of the 'T' shirt was printed:<br />
'If You See Me Running, Try To Keep Up'.<br />
"Is that the Phyisical Training Instructor"? I asked my friend.<br />
"No" he said. "He is with Bomb Disposal".

You're freakin funny!

and i love reading those!