I Want To Make Out More :-)

like back in high school.....I miss those days ..........
notsohot notsohot
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I don't miss high school itself, but the days....yes...

Right on! You seem to know what I'm talking about!

I have talked to him about it. It's a on going problem. We have gotten into fights about it. He does better with the lights off. I don't think he finds me attractive anymore. There also have been somethings come up that has been had for me to get the passion going, too. Feels like a big mess.

Life is short. We have to be happy.<br />
It is not always easy.


Sex without passion is not good.<br />
I can identify with what you are saying.

I wish! My hubby isn't into it... it's just sex no romance, no passion :-(

No reason that you should be missing anything.<br />
Should be eaiser for you now.