Good Deed From A Friend

My sister invited me over for a small gathering she was throwing. It was a nice summer evening, the weather just about perfect. Not too hot and humid, but yet cool enough to have a fire.

I showed up to my sisters alone embracing the evening for whatever it had in store. The evening was going great, catching up with friends I haven't seen in a while enjoying conversation and drinks.

My friend Jason shows up that I have been friends with since our early teenage years. We keep in contact a couple times a week to catch up on each others lives. We recently opened up about sexual things, in regards to sexual fantasies and desires. Not with each other but just in general.

So as the evening progresses we are hanging out and the liquid courage comes into play. He asks me how well do I think I kiss? I told him I never had any complaints. He said well..I would like to be the judge of that, as he excused himself to go relieve himself in a dark spot in the yard. I said you better be careful what you wish for...I could see him but was not obvious to others. I waited until he was done and came up behind him, he was startled as to see me standing there when he turned around. I did not hesitate, I planted a soft and sensual kiss on his ever inviting lips. I could tell he wasn't sure what to do, but it only took seconds to get into it! We stood there in this make out session like teenagers, just enjoying the moment. Investigating each others tongues and sucking on each others lips and tasting each other. When we finally came up for air, he said "wow!" that was amazing and he had no idea after all these years I had that naughty streak in me! I said you never asked either!

So I said, "Do I get a passing grade?" He said he was speechless and he finally said: I got more than a passing grade and that my kisses were phenomenal and I was one hot and sexy woman! That is good enough for me, we all need validation and a pick me up.
I said thank you and thanks for being such a good friend and let me know how I rate! (giggling). He said what are friends for, always there to give good advice and help out whenever needed!!
Then he ends this moment and says..Now how good are you at giving blow jobs? LOL!! I laughed it off and said maybe next party!

After that evening I thought maybe things would turn weird and uncomfortable between us. But not so, thank goodness!
That's a great friendship, no strings or expectations!

To be continued.....................................
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1 Response May 4, 2012

One of the reasons this situation has come about is because I have encountered this gentleman and he asked if I had a good friend I could trust to "grade" me on my kissing abilities.<br />
Now it seems like after this has happened this gentleman seems a little disturbed with us doing this. I have informed him that there isn't any kind of relationship kindling. As for the BJ comment, was just my friend being his witty self and didn't mean anything by it.<br />
We have been friends for a long time and wouldn't want to cross that line and ruin our relationship by going any further.<br />
Thanks for your comment.