My First Kiss!!!!!

Well it was the Thursday before winter break. In the morning my boyfriend rides the bus but not in the afternoon. Well moved to the back and he moved back there with me. I was against the window. He looked at me. Then I leaned to the left. His lips was so soft and moist. It didn't last long. He kisses so awesomely!!!
That wasn't his first kiss at all.i thought I messed up but he said I was a good kisser. :) I was really happy. Next week he wants to make out I'm nervous any tips. Please no bad comments :) byeeee!!-----> goes on and on :p
Awesomegurl Awesomegurl
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1 Response Jan 6, 2013

Just relax, and dont be afraid to communicate.
Most guys will like you more if you DONT let there hands go anywhere they want too soon in a relationship.