Him, Me And A Car

If I am honest making out is all really we ever do. It all begins because you need to deal with my car be it pre MOT checks or repairing something. In the past I would get dad to bring my car over to the workshop but now I do it. You drive my car onto the ramps and then I push the green button that closes those big doors and makes it look as if we are not there. Then you do to my car what ever you need now because of the security cameras I won't get odd hugs and kisses but in the good old days we did. Once finished you go and wash your hands and then the real fun starts I lean on the wall you come over to me and we share a short warm kiss and a perfect hug then you say well your car needs a road test so I push the open button and the door rises. You drive the car out and shut off the lights and close the door you drive me in my car to that little lane and park up we talk for a minute or two then you say those words I long for I am coming over you wiggle somehow over to me so you are laying across me you wrap your arms around me in an all embracing hug and then we kiss slowly gently and perfectly I feel my whole body saying this is perfect heaven after doing that a couple of times a certain part of your body has reacted we check the time its about time we went back you to your wife me to home and mum and dad. So you drive you put my hand where you want it and we drive back to the garage you get into your car and drive down the hill to home and I drive to my home 10 miles away you have to hide the reaction I had on you and I am smiling from ear to ear and feel on cloud 9. Blissful making out which I have not had for ages and now the bad weather looks set to make sure it does not happen yet either.
shall13 shall13
41-45, F
Jan 17, 2013