I Notice I Do It All the Time ...

... the most recent occurance was no more than an hour ago. I recalled talking to my brother about a location where he worked (maybe 15 years ago) after asking me the location in which I now work. Come to find that they are less then a mile away from each other. We laughed about it and then carried on with our conversation. Then just today ... as I was sitting at a red a light I started glancing around at the businesses and behold ... there is my brothers old work. So ... just out of complete pointlessness, I call him up ... said "I see your old work" and laughed. He called me a goofball and started telling me about a bunch of good food places that are around. I told him cool and then he asked ... so was that all you called me for ... to which I answered ... YUP ... and then he laughed said I wasted 5 minutes of his 'grubbing' time and proceeded with "okay ... goodbye goofy" ... hahahaha ..... I have so many more stories ... but I'll have to leave this one as is and go ponder what "pointless" phone call was the best.
LosingIt LosingIt
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1 Response Apr 4, 2007

Call from inside your house to see whats for supper, lol. That is pointless.