I made a chair for my brother once. I noticed that all the chairs in his kitchen were broken, so I said "T.... I'm gonna make you a chair!"
No one believed me. Little did they know I did my research. I looked up chair designs on the internet and started coming up with my own design. For some reason we always have extra wood lying around the back yard so I just used that. I got my sister and her boyfriend to help me. We used a hand saw, a hammer, nails, screws, an electric screw driver, knife, chisel, sand paper and the metal "L" shaped things you use to hold up stuff, I forgot the name. It took seven hours to complete. We did take a lunch break though. My sister made her famous omelet. It was delicious.
The next day my sister and I varnished it. The whole family ended up sitting on it to try it out. They were amazed. And they should be, it was a damn good chair.
Then a couple weeks later I go to visit my brother and find out the chair was in the garage holding some weights. I was pissed.
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Jan 7, 2013