How Many Is Too Many

I was very sexually active in my early twenties and I have recently discovered that the number of my past sexual partners is considered by most to be very high. I want to know how many sexual partners is considered too many. No flowery comments just numbers people. I am not ashamed and seeking peace. I am just curious. So chime in and lets hear some numbers.
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I sleepwalk, and apparently sleep...other things as well. If it weren't for a friend at the end of freshman year of college, I would not be aware of it, just think that when I crashed in chicks dorms, they gave me strange smiles in the morning, or there was a big rush because their boyfriend was visiting.

I am ashamed to admit that I have lost count! College was very good to me and ever since I turned 35, I have found my sex drive to have increased

age 66 and only had 4 guess I blew it someplace

For me - over 100
My wife-50 men & 20 women
Stepsister 100 men & 25 women
Mother was over 100
Former fiancé over 300
Our hair stylist claims 1000 men mostly oral.
All these are over 50 yrs old.

****. You guys are ****** lmaoo

Well.. Okay I've been with my boyfriend for over a year. But I am young.. And so far I have slept with 7 guys total. I have friends my age that have slept with double that. Like, 14 and 18 partners.. You are a grown woman. I would say like 30 partners is normal for your age and a life time. Lmao. It sounds like alot.. But it's not really...

It is totally time dependent...four a year when single seems to be about the typical average...I was at 6 by the time freshmen year finished and was around 20 by the time college was I'm around 50.

Lol.. I'm single now.

Ain't no TOO MANY.


I'm a fan of variety. With that being said, it's a lot easier for a girl to **** when ever she wants than it is for a guy ;)

I'm 30 years old and somewhere around 150. I actually remembered all their names until 75...


Let me add one more to your total.

About 8-10 per yr for the last 30 yrs and still enjoy every new experience....

30-40 wonderful ladies... I dunno, that never seemed like enough, lol.

For Asian, 10 partners in one's whole life is also considered high.

well if my wife had 150 before we were married that would be great, but to bad not so. I think the more a person can learn and the more fun they have the better it is.

Age should be part of the number. If you are 18, and you have had 30 lovers, that is high. If you are 40 and have been single for most of your adult life, 30 isn't high.

I would say if you have had more than one lover per month past the age of 20, you have had too many lovers.

Well over 100 stopped counting long ago

55 females! And growing!

There are never too many. A person learns from every experience!

At present maybe 150 female & 30 male (both ways for males) and planning to add lots more as everything in good working order and according to the vast majority of partners well worth the effort

150 +, what can i say i like to ****


150ish my gf's says she's been with 70


Hello Sexy,<br />
Top of the day to you.My take on your subject is a simple but logical view.<br />
The fact of the matter is that you are your own boss.Its your body and your p***y.Use it as much as you like.Whats the sense having some thing & not exploring it to its fulles potential.

After the birth of my son I began my life of promiscuity. I have had an average of three different man a week, no names, no phonecalls, no dates afterwards. I'm not an accountant but it must be about 585. I don't know if that's many or to many. It's not my intentions to be the greatest **** on your list.

Good for you. You go girl

you got do what u love,

honestly - 12 - 2 i was monagamous with for over 20 yrs . much more action now. divorced and sexually active and happy !

I had 2 so u go girl.

100 is very high...but could you add just one more?

25-30 and want you to be 31. If your ***** still works, who cares?

By the time I was 25 it was close to 20 women, by 30 it was closer to 50. For my wife by 25 she had sex with over 50 men and by age 30 probably close to 150.

numbers dont matter

numbers dont matter

50 is my number, as per request<br />
<br />

0, still a virgin!!! and I'm out of college.

many........i didnt count. if i start counding i maybe miss someone......

Anything over 100.

~18 here.<br />
<br />
I have to add the ~ because in college it was discovered that I have sex in my sleep.<br />
<br />
Many consider 14+ to be too high, but then again it's age-relative.<br />
<br />
50-100+ in my book is too high, but then again I've a number of friends who chide me for passing up 'sure things.'

How did you have sex in your sleep

holly, i agree totally with, no such thing as not enough sex, good lord made *****, and ive given a home to over 100

I won't say my exact number, but it's in the single digits.<br />
<br />
But, for you, I don't think any number is necessarily too high or too low. We all go through relationships and so few people are lucky enough to find the perfect person in their first partner. I mean, even if people seem perfect, they might just not be perfect for us, so I don't think being with people (emotionally, sexually, or otherwise) is a bad thing--it just shows you're willing to keep trying until you meet someone you like!<br />
<br />
And, besides, sex is a natural desire/need. I don't think you should be ashamed for being human! (As long as you play it safe!)

Even though you said just numbers, I actually like this response.


12 and counting. Only 2 were non-repeaters

520 - That would mean you would have changed your sexual partner every week while being in your twenties. That sounds way too much to me ;)

Sounds like bragging to me

183, no record setting here, but fun.

I have had over 30 sexual partners, but I don't consider that too many.

It's not. Especially considering you are a cartoon figure. I would say way to go you little over achevier you. ;)

As long as you are happy with your sexuality and yourself, there is no "number".

Yes there is. How many people have you ******

I don't keep count, but over 10 years ago when I lived in Louisiana, my GF at the time had me count them and it was over 30. So, its more than that now.

see you are letting others tell you how to be<br />
<br />
we each have to be what god made us

No I'm not. Read the question. How many people have you ******.

If you went to LSU in the late 80's there is a really good chance you saw my genitals. My number is slightly over 100. Now let's see some numbers and have some fun.

I've had a few but I think the number that is right is whatever you think. Not what others think. I have a sister who is a professional escort and she has probably had in the 60-80 range. She says she can't think of a better job.

I have had more partners than a pro...dear


I call bs

I agree with hollysub as many as you want go for gold.

Again to much chatter and no numbers. This is supposed to be fun not philosophical. What is the number please

Roghly 300 something, I have it written down, every time I have sex I keep track of it, I do love the club hook ups I can't help it.

To be honest as long as you're comfortable with the number who cares what other people think. Some people have told me that I have had sex with too many people but I don't see anything wrong with it. I'm still as active as I was in my late teens and early twenties so it's up to you.

What is the number

if i was you Lsu i wouldn;t wory about it :) its none of anyones business but yours &amp; thats how it should be