Going A Bit Further

We decided to have a real kissing session and got so into it his manhood got just a bit more excited than either he or I were expecting. So now when we do that once he is happy I stroke him, with his trousers still on I will admit but I keep it happy for a bit and he fiddles very nicely with one or both nipples. He gets far more out of it than me but I much prefer the kissing anyway so we are both happy at the end which is why we are doing what we are. The whole reason it started was just to have some innocent fun that was not hurting anyone else and that's what we are doing. He may be married and 18 years older than me but I am single no one who knows us would ever guess to watch us talking in public together so its all great and he does do the best kissing ever.  We agreed at the start, sex no as that crosses a line we have no intention of crossing but anything else is fine.  We have a couple of rules and after that see what happens. Roll on next Wednesday I really need another kiss. 
shall13 shall13
41-45, F
May 5, 2012