Just Did It..

I was with a few lady friend's of mine and we decided to hit the disc as it was christmas eve.The music was pulsating and got us into doing some really groovy moves,we saw the boys checking us but hey..we just love it,even if we dont show it.There were a few boys who approached us with an offer of a drink or two but we refused.We were quite happy within ourselves and did'nt wanted to flirt around coz the bouncers of the disc were known to us and celine one of my female friend's bf was the owner of the disc so any hanky panky could well land us into trouble.
It was around midnight when we were totally exhausted bcoz of dancing and a bit of drinking , so we decided to take a seat and relax.Then i felt the need to go to the loo, as i was making my way to the loo,i saw a hancy guy just coming out of the male loo.It was something about his aroma that got me a ticklish feeling down my v point.I went inside the loo and pee'd, then out of nowhere i felt the urge to finger myself but i resisted doing it...As i was coming out of the loo again i saw the same guy smoking a cigar,now it was impossible to resist him,i went close to him and asked for a cigar.He insisted me to come to his car which was being parked outside,so that we could talk and have a smoke, i obliged.As we enetered his car, i could feel how strong an aroma this man has..he was simply the most hancy guy i had everseen with such a brilliant physique.We smoked,then he offered me a choclate,which had melted as it was very hot inside the car.I took it but as soon as i had opened it,the choclate felt on my lap,he quickyly tried to clean it with his hanky and in the process touched my naval..i was aroused.He knew it and started vigorously to rub it..now it had become impossible to resist.I could feel my heartbeats throbbing..we two kissed vigorously and then indulged in kissing,bitting and pressing.It was such a quickie but i could'nt forget it for years to come..we did'nt indulged in intercouse as my friends had already started to look for me and my cellphone was ringing all the time with their calls.But yes, this was the best quickie any one could have..It lasted about 10-15 minutes but it was like hours..The amazing thing was neither he nor me asked each others name or any other info..it was sex with a complete stranger but i can assure the best one till date..
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Wow such magic

voooowwww, its lovely :)

Veryyy Hot

That was sensual. And I bet u melted more than the chocolate.

Out of the blue can be extremely satisfying.... talking out of experience... loved the anonymity maintained in the whole act

Very hot

That is a hot story.<br />
Any more?

Thank u..well this was not the onlytime i just did it..there were a few more..i would post a few..