Kiss Me.

I love to kiss, really kiss. I love the intimacy of kissing. Two faces together sharing the same breaths, tongues touching, lips against lips. Sucking on tongues and lips, licking biting. Ahhh, it's all so wonderful and turns me on so much. I am almost never kissed anymore, just a peck hello and a peck goodnight.
omgseriously omgseriously
36-40, F
5 Responses May 9, 2012

OMG, kissing is so much fun. I have a girlfriend/soulmate but I still (secretly) kiss (make out with) other women. Kissing is relatively innocent and it is soooooo much fun. The other night at a bar, I made out with three, different women. They had fun and so did I.

I feel your pain. I am a guy that loves loves loves to kiss and make out. I too get the occasional peck hello or goodnight. I am craving someone to just give me a toe curling kiss so badly.

U deserve to be kissed and have ur tongue sucked and ur lips bit every day. It is so much fun and u are a beautiful woman

I love kissing. Making out is the most fun you can have. As a couple or with a friend. It's wonderful, and almost beyond words.

I couldn't live with a man who didn't kiss me often, and kissed me in the deep sensual way I so loved to be kissed...