My Well Trained Tongue!!!

It all started in the wedding which I was the best man. Little did I know that in a few short years me and the bride would be making out. It started out when she called me when I was at the bar she told me she wanted me to go to her house and **** her hard while her husband was gone to Florida moving her brother back home. l Explained to her that I was with 1 of her best friends my girlfriend and there was no way I could get there that night. We set up a plan to me the following week during work hours where we would be in a hotel. I got there last and she was already prepared sitting on the bed drinking wine and doing some homework. I told her that when this was over that it would be it as far as I could say but I knew she could not get enough once she felt how talented my tongue was. I eased up on her while she was on the bed and slowly started to French kiss her in golfing her tongue with mine trying to guide it in my mouth with my tongue. Right then and there and I knew it was over we both had fallen in love. My tongue explore every inch of her perfect body I have wanted to do that for so long I had heard how good she was in bed. As my tongue made it down to that sweet ***** that was all it took. I Licked and swirled that ***** until she couldn't take no more she was moaning in ecstasy bucking all over the bed. Needless to say I finish the deed it took all of about an hour and a half and were both out the door. Just as I presumed before we walked out she told me you were right I am going to want more. We had awesome sex 3 more times, the last time being on the day my son was born. Don't get me wrong I still crave your touch I wish we were still living around each other.
avgplumber avgplumber
36-40, M
Sep 7, 2012