Why Does It Have to Stop?

We still kiss hello, good-bye, and good-night.... but I can't remember the last time his tongue was in my mouth!  He turns his head away when I try. 

When we started dating, I'd sit on his lap or curl up next to him in bed or on the couch and we'd make-out for what seemed like an endless period of time.  It would make me SOOOOoooooo turned on!  I remember having conversations with him at times and telling him how much I loved it, and he agreed.

So if he loved it so much too, why did it have to end??

I miss it!



Creamsicle Creamsicle
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6 Responses Mar 20, 2009

Having separate bedrooms would suck, sendittome!

It's funny how some guys start heavy and taper off. In any sort of contact. Of course some of us are told thats all we think of. Ok maybe not ALL but it is in the top 3. You could ask him why sweetiee

I can understand your point, having been there in a past relationship. I wish you could find the way to rekindle it, in my thinking it can be as intimate as making love; maybe even more...

Yea.... I have. I've given up on talking (and trying) anything much physical anymore.<br />
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We are "scheduled in" for 5 minutes (or less) of intimacy every weekend. It's not just the making-out I miss. But I won't start whining about the rest here and now! I was just having a "feel sorry for myself" moment. <br />
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Well there are two things on my mind 1. Maybe its moving tooo fast or 2. There's something else to it... not entirely sure don't knoe the rest of the story. Tell me more make me understand. xD send me a message and ill help

Ahhh, dreamy!<br />
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Thanks for sharing. Sorry for the lack of what you like.<br />
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Have you talked with him now?