I Miss H.s. Days of Making Out On the Couch

I do - I wish that sometimes I could just have an old-fashioned make-out session like I did in high school.  A make-out session that doesn't have the ultimate goal of sex in mind.  One that is just what it is right then and there - no other expectations!

I love to kiss and kiss and I was a virgin much later in life than most of my friends, so a make-out session was as good as it was going to get - and at the time, that was fine with me!  So now, every once in awhile, I miss that!

DorothyofOz DorothyofOz
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Sorry to disappoint you, but if there was a boy on the couch, sex probably was the goal. LOL

well, I am sure you are right, but it didn't happen and I still got to enjoy the making out part! LOL!!!

That's great! Life use to be so innocent didn't it?

Yes it has been said that you are not missing the kiss dept anymore... Hehehehe

I whole-heartedly agree MTVLM!!<br />
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The point I was making when I originally wrote this, well, I am remembering now, I was sort of in the same boat as PTech - my husband really didn't kiss me all that much ever and was not really kissing me during sex either - before, during or after. And what made matters worse, he was not a very good kisser (but when we first got together and I was in love with him, it was one of those things that "just didn't matter" - never would have if the marriage had been good).<br />
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So, back then, in my FORMER life, kissing didn't happen and I really really missed it... I'm not seeming to have that problem at all right now... hee hee (well, right NOW, I am, but not overall relatively speaking is there any problems or deficits in the kissing department for me!)!!<br />
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*giggling and blushing*

Who says you can't to that even though your an adult... Back a movie theater, in a car while at a red light....<br />
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Just add tension to the overall plan...

I'm sorry to read that PTech - she is missing, what is for me, a very important aspect of her sex life - kissing - well, I love it and could never get in the mood without it, I don't think... maybe you should talk to her about it!

I know exactly what you mean. I have been together with my wife for 35 yrs. And we have a pretty good sex life in most ways, but she hasn't liked kissing for the last thirty years. When we first met she was a virgin and we used to kiss and talk and I'd fondle and lick and kiss her very sensitive ****, and we would dry hump and kiss more. We didn't have sex for the first couple years. I was very patient and she was very cautious. A few years after we started having sex all the time she just started kissing less and less and now doesn't want to at all. I miss it so much.

Yes maybe but not now ......

Mr. CJ, I think my story about my kisses got you a little riled up - poor guy!! Time for a cold shower?? possibly?? ROFL!!

You know Dorothy I would love to find out since I saw how hot your kiss is !!

Ham1 - you are right - I am sure that guys had that ultimate goal in mind but knew how far they could push things without being totally ejected from the couch - LOL! And I hear you on the no S.O. - I have a husband in legality and finances only - he has his own bedroom and bath and we live separate lives unless it involves the children. So, that means NO S.O. to do this with, but my future is looking bright and hopeful so I smile to think it may be a reality sooner than I even think it will!!

yeah, don't know if I could stop at a certain point anymore... but it would be fun to find out again SOMEDAY - frustrating memories right now! LOL!

Yeah, I miss those days sometimes, too. The thrill of dry humping and getting so worked up, but ultimately not going any farther...... hot memories for sure.


You have awesome thoughts my friend !!!!! Wanna kiss ?

I agree with you completely! I miss those days when it was a thrill in itself for the guy to just put his hand on your knee, let alone use his tongue to kiss you...<br />
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I love kissing, so much! Yeah, those were the days...