Making Out Is Fun When Done Right

Four-Play is more fun then having sex ,if it is done right.I am with a guy who thinks four play is a waste of time .What he doesn't realize playing will get me off a whole alot faster then just sex .Play around and have fun doing it.enjoy.


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Im a guy and i do foreplay for 30mins - an hour :) and ive been told im ''the best shes had'' many times, the power of knowing what women want is too fun to share with other guys though!

Oh, I just love making out, snuggled up with my honey, just kissing and kissing and kissing and touching and more kissing and more touching.... ahhhhhhh. It is heaven. <br />
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Fortunately I am married to a guy who loves making out and (even better) loves lots of foreplay. Don't settle for a dud, girls. Really good sex is something a couple has to learn about and explore together and if he hasn't got a clue and is not capable of learning anything nor of being taught by you, then you have to realize that he is not going to change. If he doesn't care about you, don't break your heart caring about him. Dump the loser now and go find a good one.

I'm a male and I love forplay my plate on my truck says 4play. Ilove to get her right to the edge and then back of a little and then start again.I could do 4play for an hour as long as she can take it,it makes the fireworks that more explosive for all of us.

I agree with the comment, "foreplay is much better than the actual act of sex". Foreplay is sensual, the anticipation and rise of excitement, the pure beauty in touching someone to please that other person - it just cannot be beat! =)

See I am the typ of guy who love forplay and oral sex. I love to get a girl off and watch her squirt and *** and shake with waves of ********. That means I did my job and did it well. So if any woman needs a little TLC I will be happy to help you out.

In my mind if the lady doesn't get off, I don't enjoy as much. It is so easy for a guy to ***, he should spend a little more time and effort to make sure she enjoys, too.

In my mind if the lady doesn't get off, I don't enjoy as much. It is so easy for a guy to ***, he should spend a little more time and effort to make sure she enjoys, too.

still with the same ******* and nothing has changed.

I think my BF needs a sex ed lesson.He want lesson to me at all.

Got to do something...

This is just too sad for words...

I need a good man to help me get off. I have a very selfess guy that only thinks about himself.Some time i enjoy doing myself instead of him tounching me.At least i know I will get off.

I can totally relate. My husband doesn't do the foreplay either unless its a quick touch here or there to get me hot so he can get head or stick it in. The fact that he wont go all the way and give me a good finger pop until I cumm or a good eating kills me. Especially since there are so many guys out there that would do the deed and then some. It is selfishness I know because any man that watches **** has to knows that we love to be touched and felt just as much as them. But its just that king of the castle syndrome. Selfishness, lazyness all of the above. They just want to get off. And if you happen to get off in the process thats good too. I so hate selfish men!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If I had the chance to engage in four play I'd do it in a flash. I am confident almost any man would. Most of would jump at three play.

well i would kick JD's butt if he faltered on that one....LMAO

Oh well ,thats why they make toys.Men are in heir own world.

i do wonder why men get so lazy in this is sooo much more enjoyable when they take their time and dont skimp on the playing

Lazy yes.Don't care thats him.his way or know way, that's why I have a geroge.<br />

"Playing" gets MOST (esp. women) off better! Are you sure your feller is in the dark to this... or just LAZY?? ;P