My Friends Feet Again

Hey everyone, Me and my friend have basically become full foot fetish buddies now :D it is soo nice.

The other day we were both out together around the town shopping. I was wearing a pair of uggs and she was wearing a pair of converse. She never wears socks and that day neither was I :)

We walked back to my house which was about 2 miles so quite a way. When we got in we decided to watch tv in my bed room. I started walking up the stairs without taking my shoes off so she just followed. I went into my room with her following and we both sat on the bed. I took my uggs off to reveal my cute little feet and then she took her converse off as well. Her feet are gorgeous and really well looked after.

Anyways, I lay down on the bed and switched the tv on. She then lay on the bed on her tummy with her head at the foot of the bed so her feet were right next to me on the same pillow as my head was on. She kept waving her legs around in the air and every know and then she would brush her cute little foot passed my face. I grabbed on of her legs and just gently started massaging her pretty little feet. She loved it and as I was doing it she leaned over and kissed the top of my feet. It was lovely. I put my hands around her foot and guided her toes to my mouth and started gently kissing and licking them. She loved it. She made loads of cute moaning noises and just lay there looking so relaxed. When I was done with her cute little feet she repair the favor :D it was amazing.

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It's pretty awesome that you have someone like that for you. How do you find willing friends?