I Masterb8 Almost Every Day

I have a great and always horny girlfriend, so we **** a lot. (you can see on the pictures i posted on my EP album)

But i have a panties fetish, and i like to wear them and finally ********** with, or in them.

Some times, when i am in the shower, i jerk my stiff **** wile fantasizing about my lovely neighbor, she is so beautiful and wears only thongs.

Summer times she is working in the garden and will bentover, then i sometimes i can see here thong. It get me so d*mn horny and i have to jerk off with one of the thongs i took from her laundry bin, i inhale the smell of here ***** and fantasize about what i saw earlier.  The ****** is always a total bang.

stringsnifter stringsnifter
41-45, M
Feb 8, 2010