It Wasnt Planned...

I didn't plan on walking out on the back deck and seeing my sexy neighbor through her window. I hadn't turn on any lights so I wasnt concerned with being seen. I watched as she moved about she wore a tank top and short, I assumed she must have gotten back from the gym. What happened next made my **** jump with excitement!! She was taking her laundry basket to or from (I'm not sure) the laundry room when she stopped in the room with a view and began stripping off her clothes. Her body was tan and tone. Her breast were perky and nipples full. Her slim waist sat on a beautiful tight ***. Legs seemed to be long and muscular. I began rubbing my **** as she started and by the time she finished so had I!! At one point she seemed to look at me and smile....wasn't planned but Damn it was good!!
flametamer69 flametamer69
41-45, M
Dec 15, 2012