Showed My Friend How I Do It For My Camera

I took an old friend out on a date the other day. We kind of dated back in the day and it had been a while since I'd seen her. So I called her up, we went out, had a good time, and headed back to my place. She had a BF so I didn't expect her to put but we hung out until the late hours. However, after a certain point of the night, things get weird as you may already know...

We start talking about sex and the sex we had with each other. And through some sort of events I don't remember we log onto my page for this site. I show her what I do and the kind of people I talk to on this site and then eventually she makes me show her way to my pics. For anyone who has seen my pics, you know that they aren't... family friendly :) At first she's a little in shock but after a while she's surfing through each one of the pics and asking me questions. I answer and laugh and then pull out my camera and tell her to go up stairs. I rush into my bath room and take off my boxers and put my pants back on and head up stairs.

I push my coffee table back and sit her down on the couch. Next to her I place my camera. I hit record and feel my **** through my jeans until I get hard for the camera. Then I pull them down just a little bit so my groin is showing. Then I unbutton and unzip them and slowly show off my **** until it flops out. I look over and she is watching intently until she sees that I'm looking at her then she smiles, I giggle, she giggles and I continue. I let my pants completely fall to the ground and I get completely hard. I take a few poses with the contrast of my shirt before I remove it and then play with my balls for a minute before sitting down on my coffee table. I spread my legs and feel up my ****. Shortly after I start stroking my **** and playing with my balls. I get so hot that I just let go and show her all of my little tricks. I think about everyone getting to see me like this, jacking off and while I'm all hot, and start dirty talking to the camera. Eventually...

"Your gonna make me ***! Your gonna make this big hard **** *** all the place!" and now talking directly to her "I slow down so you can watch all the *** explode out all over me." and I ***. Breathing hard and talking to my camera I *** all my hand, **** and stomach. I lean back and take my hand off my **** for a good still for later. I look at her. She was looking at me while I was naked, sitting down with my legs spread, *** on my stomach, hand, and running down my **** to my balls. She tells me I'm a little out going these days. I laugh and we talk casually for a while. We didn't for around or have sex or anything BUT I did try to get dressed and she told me not too :) I've got to think that means something ;)

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Feb 8, 2010