Accross The Street

It was saturday,still winter here but warm today,a lot of people out enjoying the warm spell.I was parked in a parking lot of a out of business hardware store,accross the road is a gas station and i am parked with my pants part way down hoping to see some sexy girl filling her car up.I park next to a big cement sign post,it blocks the view of me from the passenger side,the gas station is accross the street in front of me.

  Next door to the gas station is a business that sells slabs of cultured marble,all different colors and sizes,it has never been open before anytime i have been parked there,but today was different.I get nervious at this place because there is a road on my drivers side that goes to some houses that are behind me about two blocks,on more than one occasion somebody has walked from them right beside my truck to go to the station accross the street,i am always looking in my mirror to make sure nobody is around.My pants are pulled down half way to my knees,i have a long shirt on that is covering everything,my hand is under the shirt laying on my asleep penis.A little car pulls up to one of the gas pumps,i am watching the door to see what gets out,i feel it swelling under my hand in anticipation,the door opens,a sexy young blond gets out,skin tight jeans,long blond hair,my heart is allready pounding,i pull my hand out and quickly plunge my fingers in a cup full of lube sitting in the seat beside me,i reach back under my shirt and smear the lube all over my beginning erection,what a sexy ***,her jeans are pulled in between her *** cheeks,i start stroking *** she puts the gas nozzel in her tank,oh no,now she gets back in her car while it is filling.

  Well i maintain about half a hard on knowing she will be back out of the car again,sure enough she gets back out,but in a matter of seconds puts her credit card in the pump then back in the car and gone,this left me with a racing heart and a partial hardon in my slippery hand under my shirt.

  I happen to catch the door open on the marble business next to the gas station,there was sombody there,out steps a beautifull brunette,her hair tied up,wearing a long sleeve white top and skin tight jeans.she is wearing gloves,she walks over to a flat bed trailer that is loaded with sheets of marble stacked on the trailer,the trailer is crossways out in front of the building,ohh man,she walks over to  the trailer,her *** towards me,bends over and very gently picks up a sheet of marble and puts it on the ground,then again,she is making different stacks on the ground,i am slowly stroking as i watch her,her body is incredable,my erection is getting rock hard,i have to reposition it,i am holding my shirt out away from it with my other hand,there is so much lube on my hardon it is making noises as i slide my hand up and down,i hear footsteps,somebody is walking right behind my truck,i freeze and just sat there holding my throbbing erection under my shirt,they walk by and cross the street to the gas station.

  i am very nervious now,as i watch her slowly bending over i am having truoble keeping an erection for fear of getting caught,but i continue trying to **********,then i notice the guy that just walked by my truck coming out of the gas station and walking towards me,i pull my hand out from under my shirt,pull my shirt over everything and sat there scared,he walks past my truck never even looking at me,i watch him dissapear down the road behind me,that was close.

  Back under my shirt,still a partial erection,she is still there,i am stroking again,my erection is again swelling,then she stops and goes back inside,oh no,but in no time she is coming back out carrying a towel or something,she walks back over to the trailer,bends way over and started whiping the marble,it must be really dirty because she is whiping very hard,her legs are spread a little,as she slowly whipes her *** is wiggling,my heart is pounding,my erection again rock hard and pulsing with every heart beat,i look around,i look in my mirror as my hips start to shake,ohh it is tingling,no stopping now,starring right at her swaying ***,jeans pulled up between delicious cheeks,in one quick response every muscle in my body tightened up as i pushed hard against the floorboard with my feet,i felt the first eruption of ***** pump up through my pulsing hardon,seven releases of burning hot ***** was spewing out on my hand as i looked right at her *** and quietly moaned.

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great story!