I Seem To Meet Men In Restaurants

What is it about restaurants...even fast food ones. This morning a met a really nice guy...somehow he told me at least a good chunk of his life story,,,recent death of his wife...number of kids, how he's struggling to keep it together etc...

Got me thinking...this is not new...men of all ages and types seem to talk to me in restaurants.  A number of years ago on my first day in a sales job in New York City I met a man I would be involved with for a number of years... we were both getting coffee at a Wendy's.

What is it about restaurants...is it just chance that we're all standing in line etc...I don't think so...I've never met anyone in a supermarket. or a bank...right now I can think of 5 men I've talked wit in the past 2 weeks...yep...all in a cafe or getting coffee in McDonald's or Dunkin Donuts...and these are pretty in depth conversations. 

Well I've said here a number of times that I would love to fall in love again so this is probably a good thing...just no sparks yet...just a whole lot of nice, nice men!


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Well I'm not going to coffee shops as much anymore but when I do it still seems to happen! ...kind of nice really! :)

How's it going with your men in restaurants?

EnglishMuffin, yes I so agree....and I love your description of coffee shops compared with "church meeting halls." We are all looking for a respite of one type or another. Thanks. :)

People who need a break from a hectic day go to a coffee shop to take a few minutes off. Despite its invigorating property, there's nothing like a thick, creamy cappucino to ease those muscles and get the bones settling down nicely into place! And pretty much everyone is there with the same goal too, resting from a serious shopping binge, taking five minutes to chill-out after a busy day at work or just relaxing while somebody else makes the coffee. So everyone is singing from the same hymn sheet. Coffee shops are the modern day church meeting halls.

It's true Salar....this is my "happy place!: ...I fink it soooo nurturing. Thanks. :)

You seemed to have found your happy place frito , were you are most comfortable the pleasure of food and conversation .....

You're on to something Smugit....there is a warmth when people come together around a meal or in this case sometimes only a cup of coffee...thank you! :)

it is the kitchen we all grew up in sharing our thoughts with each other, food bring the world together.

Me too...thanks Faicon. :)

Good thought...that may be why it happens LV...I do think folks are more relaxed and probably more open to talk. Thanks. I kind of watched myself this morning...cause it happened again...a man told me how he used to love to travel to Vermont in the summer and also up to Maine and Canada...but I can't say who started the conversation...I need to be more observant. hahaha

Coffee shops are good place to meet people, because you mostly meet happy people on their break.<br />
<br />
And that's good,

Hmmm Esohgee I'm not sure I understand. Yes we like food and perhaps that's why I have such interesting conversations in coffeeshops and restaurants...perhaps we are all so relaxed...<br />
but I don't get the part about the "mean ones make someone else get them food."

Tillygraywriter thanks you for you kind words...I have so enjoyed these conversations.. :)<br />
<br />
LV, thank you also for your kind thoughts.! I have no idea why I meet folks in coffeeshops but not other places. :)<br />
<br />
Redlilly, me too...hahaha now wouldn't that be a nice ending for this story! Thanks. :)<br />
<br />
Chocolatebar, hahaha thank you. If I discover what is is I'll share it...does seem strange to me that nothing happens at the grocerystore. *grin*. Thanks :)

Frito you must be doing something right on those restaurant trips, I could sure learn from you.

I have never met anyone on a restaurant!<br />
<br />
Maybe it's you, I am sure your big heart just shines through you.

Frito, I love this story. I agree with jojewel that it is you yourself who care about others and radiate that from within. The world and its inhabitants will always be in need of affirmation, kindness, warmth, and yes, love! They are irresistible qualities and in short supply. You go, girl! (But be a little cautious, okay?)

Hahah just the other day my friend told me I should have bought that truck. Thanks for the kind thoughts Myo...in the meantime I have lots of good people to talk with!

It's the warm vibes and colorful aura, frito. Last year it was that hot truck of yours. Now it's just...YOU! Now go fall in love. Spring is just around the corner.

I think I would have been more accurate to say coffeeshops or fast food places rather than regular restaurants...here goes Lilt: McDonalds's: - business types (a real estate investor and a lawyer) ;<br />
Dunking Donuts : varied from an apple farmer to a trucker; Stewarts ( a gas station store with a few booths to eat in) a trucker this morning, a computer guy, and a mechanic; my local diner, 2 farm owners and 1 small business owner, no one in my Chinese restaurant (go figure) ; another coffee shop a a Physician's Asst. and my favorite place, the Internet cafe with all types and all ages including artists, musicians, real estate guys, writers, antique store owners,actors, students, teachers...you name it.

This is very cool, Frito. <br />
The sociologist in me, wants to know if you meet different types of men, depending on the type of restaurant you are at?

Ahh Tasmin...you are a romantic...actually so am I but then you have never heard me sing! Trust me, it's not pretty! I do like the way you think! :)

Oh I think you will meet him at your singing internet cafe ,,<br />
<br />
You will do a duet and fall in love ..

Jojewel, yes definitely try the local Tim Hortons...or Dunkin Donuts if you have them...and thanks for the very kind words...ya know I enjoy these conversations very much...these are good people. :)<br />
<br />
Fromnowon....ah Spring...I can almost smell it as the snow melts here...hey I'm listening to you and Paco! :)<br />
<br />
RavenDelcor, it is amazing about the life stories...a laundrymat...now that makes sense.Thanks for sharing your story... I don't really go out much to regular restaurants but I do have a coffee habit to keep up...that's usually when it happens...<br />
Now I wonder if others have this happen also...it must....<br />
I'd love to hear if any other EPers have had this experience...at a restaurant or anywhere. <br />
Thanks everone. :)

I met a man in a laundromat. He was a Korean Vet who had lost all of his family over the years. He came up to me to ask me if I thought his shirt was fifteen years old. It is amazing the life stories you can hear in public. Unlike you Frito, I am not looking for romance, not with men, but, y'know, we don't have a whole lot of places where a woman will stop and listen. Restaurants, I cannot afford, landromats I have to attend -- ahh... Gee ..

Somehow I am not surprised by this at all. Frito, just by your stories here you radiate warmth and kindness so I can imagine what you do in person. People are naturally attracted to that type of personality, especially the opposite sex.<br />
That said, I gotta start hanging out at the local Tim Horton's! Lol!

Hey c'mon guys...as I said lots of different types guys and all ages...so many to share! *grin*

Ahh Gryfnn I love the image you depict of your auntie....I would just LOVE to hear more about her escapades...<br />
And dancing...is soooo good for the soul! :)<br />
<br />
Paco I'm mulling over your suggestion of decaf...but I think I like my caffeine buzz too much!<br />
Thanks for the vote of confidence...Frito strutting...Hahah:)

Frito, some suggestions:<br />
First at the rate your meeting good men and conversation, switch to decaf! <br />
Second, 'You Go Girl', strut your stuff and crank your neck!<br />
(Humor)<br />

Falling in love---nothing like it :)-----just thinking about it brings old romantic love songs swirling through my head. My 90 some odd year old auntie still gads about and goes out dancing...she tells me that she hopes to meet a nice man and get married again...my cousins are always calling me and complaining about her rotfl. They want her to settle down.

Hahaha it's really strange When. I have no idea why it happens! *grin*