It's Been So Long!

It's been years since I've gone mountain bike riding, but I used to go every weekend with my parents.  We would ride the 3,6,and 10 mile trails at our local state park. I hated getting ready to go, but I loved the ride. I miss going... I always felt good and "clean" after riding.   I don't go now because, well, no one to go with me! I live about an hour away from my parents (who still ride), my fiancee could care less about getting outside, and my friends are not the active type. Plus, it's been 10+ years since the last time I rode, so I'm sure I'm out of sync with it....   Oh how I would love to met someone who'd be willing to go out riding with me...

GirlyGamerGeek GirlyGamerGeek
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1 Response Feb 8, 2010

There are lots of ways to meet fellow mountain bikers to ride with via the internet ( or by browsing the forums for your state/city.<br />
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Or, go to a local bike shop and ask about rides. Get out there and have fun! I love finding new people to ride with.