Unusual For Me

I tend to be very aggressive and strong in my desires and actions. However, I recently allowed a situation which I normally handle in one way to go another way. A neighbor, whom I have known only for a short while has been taking advantage of me by using my wireless network, while I had it unprotected. I discovered this and decided to hack a little before I stopped it. I got onto his computer and found that he was a very dominant sexual guy who loved to have submissive men suck his **** and allow him to **** them. I didn't really care about that but it somehow got me turned on to the thought that he could do that with men. I finally went to his condo and confronted him about using my wireless network. He reacted with a 'so what' kind of attitude and I was a little surprised although I shouldn't have been. I then mentioned that I had learned about his activity and threatened to tell his wife. He then became enraged and basically took control so that I was defensive and was obviously being intimidated. He was big but that in itself didn't bother me, it was his power that I felt. He somehow was beginning to totally dominate me and I knew it. I started giving in and suddenly found that I was going to do whatever he wanted me to do. I couldn't stop myself. He made me get on my knees in his living room ( he was alone at the time) and open his fly. taking out his ****. I was then made to suck it until he came in my mouth. He then made me go into the bedroom, remove my clothes and get on the bed with my *** sticking up where he promptly inserted his **** in my ***. he ****** me for almost an hour before he came. I was absolutely humiliated but capitulated completely. He now has me do those things on a regular basis and I for some crazy reason love it. What happened to my own strength of character? I do this with no one else so far although he has hinted that He might make me do it with a Friend of his. I will probably do it if he says to. Should I try to break this or continue? I do enjoy it or some reason.
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2 Responses May 13, 2012

You should come here and get on your knees before me and let me take you. ;) YUM! Great story!

Continue. It's hard to understand what you really want in life. If you enjoy obeying him then don't stop.