Full Spectrum

Writing this literally in two minutes.Reds,blue hues,yellow greens,pink oranges,grape purples.....aw the artist's pallette! Isn't is wonderfull just to take something from nothing and create.....a full spectrum of beautiful artwork from contemporary,to oils,watercolors,sketches,things that bubble up in your soul,forcing an outword existence of art! More nextime.....paint on!
singerofsongs singerofsongs
41-45, F
1 Response Jan 6, 2013

Cool, i wish i could paint. It is a gift. Do you have any painting you like by certain people?

Hi...how are you! Actually,I was talking passionatelly about painting.....after watching my mom,for years paint! She was a true,fine artsist.I am more of an abstract,painter......but she painted everything from,oils on canvas of fine scenery,to,Elvis Presley,to ballroom dancers,sunsets,flower's ect.Yes,I do think it is a gift.She never took one lesson! But I do think,if you have a desire to paint,you can learn!One of my favourate pieces is,Claude Monet,"Waterlilies". My mother's pieces are my very favorate!