No Such Thing As Partying Too Much :)

 there is NO such thing as too much partying people :) hell I am a 40 year old woman...(and I sure the hell do not look my age pretty damn good I must say) and my other half, well he is up there, but hey let me tell ya we party like no tomorrow when we get the chance, we have the most awesome friends right next door, same age group and we party till the worldis going to end, till wee end of the world, like 3-5am, hell half the younger generation cannot keep up with us, that is funny..we have so much fun...drinking games, games, poker, what ever...and we do it all the time, everytime we get a weekend free we are partying!!

 One day a woman told me to act my age....WT is acting my age? what do 40 year old women's age have to act like?!!! well in my theroy, I am going to party till I can't any more....your only as old as ya feel, and if ya can still party like crazy...then go for it!!

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Mar 7, 2010