Poopy Pants

I was put in diapers at  8 my mom was always working and my dad was never home, so my ant was always taking care of me. because of a bed wetting problem I had to were diapers at night and during the day wile at her house. she had two other kids ages 3 and 5 thea both wore diapers so it was easier for my ant to treat me like one of them. I was made to sleep in the nursery in a large crib that she had she sent me to bed at the same time and i took a nap at the same time. she simply loved treating me like a baby she even dressed me up like one at night. at first I hated being treated like a baby but then one day she proved to me that I needed to be in diapers and being treated like a baby made it esear. one night I was woken up and was changed but to my surprise my ant didn't' put a diaper on me I asked her why and she sed that I was right and didn't' need to wear diapers anymore I smiled but after breakfast I felt my stumick rumble before I had time to react I craped my pants she came threw the door and saw that I had craped myself she was angry she told me to pick it up as soon as I got up I started to pee and couldn't stop myself she grew eve more angry and slapped me she then handed me a mop and told me to clean it up this happened twise before I begged her to treat me like a baby and now I'm starting to enjoy it. after a wile started pooping and wetting my diaper at night and in the day at her house and at home my mom started to get angry at me for pooping in my diapers but I couldn't help it. I remember wen my mom took a week long trip I had to spend the week with my ant it wasn't bad I loved being babied by my ant that night I asked my ant if she wold feed me baby food for lunch and she sed yes for the hole trip I was treated like a baby I even pooped wile my ant was triing to change me. after my mom got back from her trip I asked her if i could be a baby prominently  she asked me why I wanted to be a baby and I told her I loved being a baby and how I was babied at my ant's house she then agreed to treat me like a baby she bout me a crib, high chare, changing table and baby clothes and my room was turned into a nursery. I was going to be treated like a baby. now wen I'm at my ant's house I'm just like my cousins even younger I poop and pee my diapers at night and in the day, my ant changes me, I'm given a boodle and baby food for breakfast lunch and dinner, and I eat in a high chare. My ant even smears baby food all over my face during meals and I either wear baby clothes or just a diaper wile in the house. I'm still a baby today and I still use my diapers my cousins are almost potty trained and eat from the table , but I'm still in diapers pooping and wetting I still pee and poop wen my ant trys to change me and I'm fed by my ant . I still eat in a high chare and I still sleep in the nursery in a crib I even play with toddler toys. I love being a baby

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You're a jack-***. Learn to spell.

I would love to be babied with you and be your friend to be diapered together

i wish i was in your shoes think you could convince her to let me come over and get her to treat me like a baby