Wet Pants In Dallas

Since I live in this area, and my pants are wet more often than they are dry, I think that I qualify.

Most recently, I was at the arboretum.  I was already damp when I arrived, and my underwear was totally soaked by the time I finished the visit and ready to leave.  It is really exciting to walk around, and talk to all kind of people, knowing that my pants are totally wet, and no one knows.  When I left, my pants were wet almost all of the way down to my ankles.

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3 Responses May 12, 2012

Love to wet myself in public. I wear a thick diaper so I can stay wet for long periods. But even the thickest diaper gets saturated at some point and I love the way they feel when they're at the point where they're starting to leak. I have a pair of black Chic ladies jeans that fit my waist yet have extra room in the hips for the thick diaper. I don't call it a day until my shoes are making a squishy sound because the pee has run down my legs and filled the shoes. If you're ever down in San Antonio, we should get together for some wetting fun.

i do it too. recently was at a museum and my undies were wet when i went in. as i was talking to some people i kept on squirting in my pants. i was quite wet when i left but no one could tell because i had on black pants

Yep, I like the black pants for the same reason.

I think that's the most exciting way to wet pants in public, squirt by squirt in front of strangers. I love it so much to do it!

Since a week I pee my jeans wherever I want, even in front of people:<br />
In a grocery stores standing near nice girls or in front of the cashier girl, in a public library while reading EP-stories, in restaurants while sitting at the table, in a public park while sitting on a park-bench during people passing by, on busy road-crossings while waiting for pedestrian light, on bus...

I think more people need to do this.

I think so too. On evening a few days ago I did it again in two different grocery stores...